SERVEL MERA has built and manages various hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants.

Hydroelectric plants

The use of running water has been a constant factor in the history of mankind, first for transportation or to mechanically move windmills and later to produce electricity. Over time technological innovation has made even small hydroelectric plants more and more productive. In fact, today it is possible and convenient to build hydroelectric plants even in locations without large basins of water, making direct use of river or stream currents, even those with low capacity and without great slopes.

List of hydroelectric plants

Photovoltaic plants

Indispensable for life on Earth, the sun is also the cleanest source of energy in environmental terms. It is used more and more frequently by private individuals and companies to produce electricity, increasing the user's energy self sufficiency. With technical advancements a photovoltaic panel performance has steadily increased, allowing for excellent results even with systems that have contained surface sizes.

List of Photovoltaic Plants

Cogenerative Biomass plants

Wood has always been an enormous "renewable" resource and its use in cogenerative biomass plants is increasingly frequent. The combustion process of forest by-products, called cogeneration, generates both electrical and thermal energy in the form of heat. The electricity is fed into the national electricity grid, while the energy ends can be sold through suitable district heating networks to heat public and / or private buildings, or to be used in industrial production processes.

List of biomass Plants